About Us

We’re here to help grow your business

At Innovation Centre Medway, we’ll help you build your ideas and innovations into successful businesses.

Whether you’re an individual technology innovator, a knowledge-based start up or an early years organisation, we provide the space, resource and expertise to help you progress from business plan to sustainable commercial success within three years. All you need is the innovative idea, concept, product or service, and the ambition to succeed.

  • Think of us as your innovation starter home – not your final business destination
  • A place where innovation is at the centre of everything – encouraged, supported, valued and expected
  • A space to learn, evolve and gain confidence before progressing to a full commercial space
  • A community made up of bright, technology innovators, all immersed in the early stages of business development

A location to impress

A location to impress

As a young business it’s important that your location looks good, is flexible and affordable, has excellent facilities, and great transport links. Innovation Centre Medway ticks all of these boxes.

All businesses located here benefit from super fast broadband, integrated telecommunications and great meeting, conference and networking spaces. On-site parking is free and plentiful, and as we’re located just a minute from junction 4 of the M2 we’re within easy reach of London, the M25 and mainland Europe.

Linking you to Greenwich University

Our partnership with the University of Greenwich gives you unsurpassed access to new local, national and EU funding and network, test facility, collaboration and research opportunities.