Support & Advice

Just Starting Up?

One of the key aims of the Innovation Centre Medway team is to support the business development of start up technology and knowledge-based businesses. We believe that these young organisations have the potential to become tomorrow’s business and technology leaders. Our objective is to help you reach your early potential within three years.

How can we help you?

Our business services are tailored to the needs of new and young businesses.

We know that the early years can be lonely and challenging. Our in-house team can provide advice and support across a wide range of business and innovation areas, but we’ve also put in place a peer learning programme which will enable you to build your own support networks. Through this, you’ll share experiences, resolve problems, discover new opportunities and collaborations, and enhance your leadership skills.

We also run regular Business Advice Clinics delivered by technology, innovation, funding and business experts and an ongoing programme of Master Classes in associated business skills such as marketing, social media and employment law.

From virtual offices to serviced space

Innovation Centre Medway is your business starter home – it’s certainly not your forever business destination. In fact, we hope to help you find new, bigger premises within three years.

But for now we know you need a flexible space in which to learn, evolve and gain confidence. That could mean a virtual office, a shared desk space, access to meeting rooms and executive support, or a suite of serviced offices. We understand that business start ups come in all shapes and sizes and can only thrive when they’re in the right environment with easy access to flexible office space, support, communities and facilities.

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Looking To Grow?

Innovation Centre Medway is a community made up of bright, technology innovators and knowledge-based organisations. All are immersed in the early stages of business development.

If you’ve got an innovative idea to bring something new to the business, technology or manufacturing landscape and can demonstrate a drive to succeed; this could be the right environment in which to grow.

Through our network of associates, we can help you to find the right people to help you meet your development plans. This includes access to an innovative pay on success package providing expert interim management which will help you grow and raise finance for your business

Through our partnership with the University of Greenwich we can help you with research projects and provide expert advice and practical guidance on a wide range of funding opportunities including Innovate UK programmes and the European Commission’s SME focused Horizon 2020 packages.

Expand your European opportunities

Business support services at Innovation Centre Medway have been awarded the prestigious BIC (Business Innovation Centre) quality mark, which means that the centre is part of the European Business Network. In fact, we’re the only centre outside of London to have received this quality mark.

Why is this important? It’s a quick route to export growth.

The European Business Network comprises 160 Innovation Centres stretching across Europe, and has further associate members on other continents. If you’re part of Innovation Centre Medway you’ll have opportunities to link with accredited organisations and facilities from the Network to develop your services, products and markets.

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Looking To Innovate More?

Are you running a young business with plans to introduce a new product or process?

Or are you an innovator with an idea which has the capacity to be transformative or disruptive – or both?

If so, our team will help you develop your innovative ideas into practical, commercial systems that deliver real change to your organisation and the wider business landscape. At Innovation Centre Medway you have access to experts in a wide range of business innovation specialisms including: Intellectual Property, funding, research, market development and commercialisation.

Be part of an innovation community

Being a business innovator or technology leader doesn’t have to be a lonely business. Many young innovators choose to become part of a wider innovation community, co-locating their business with like-minded organisations to benefit from the buzz and inspiration that comes from shared interests and knowledge.

At Innovation Centre Medway we’ve created a community where young businesses and innovators can work alongside each other. The result is an inspiring environment with collaborative and network opportunities on each floor and along every corridor.  And, because we know innovation can’t be confined to office hours – we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Access university research support

Your innovation idea doesn’t have to be launch-ready.  It might need another round of development to take it to the next level. Or you might be considering phase two…

As an Innovation Centre Medway business, you’ll benefit from our partnership with the University of Greenwich. Through this you’ll be able to access research support and collaborations, test facilities and new network opportunities. You’ll also receive advice on new funding opportunities which may help to open up new innovation and growth opportunities.

Want To Commercialise Research?

The skills needed to develop and research a new business or technology idea are not the same as those that will turn it into a commercial success. Many innovators and entrepreneurs try to channel their inner business development/HR/marketing alter ego to commercialise an idea. And that’s why some great ideas fail to become commercial success stories.

At Innovation Centre Medway we provide the expert support needed to turn your research idea into a commercial success. From interim management and finance support through to marketing, intellectual property and legal advice, our team will help you at each step of your business’s development. With their expert knowledge and previous experience, you’ll be assured of a support team that allows you to play to your strengths.

Helping you unlock technology funding

There are many funding opportunities available to young technology companies looking to commercialise new, transformative product and process ideas, especially in the materials and manufacturing sectors. You just have to know where to look and understand how to apply.

Working in partnership with the University of Greenwich, Innovation Centre Medway includes an expert funding team which can help you with local, regional, national and European opportunities. These include funding through NDI, Innovate UK, Horizon 2020 and other EU routes. We can direct you to the opportunities and advice on funding submissions – helping you to unlock both finance streams and new opportunities.