Xperisoft Limited

Xperisoft Limited

If you want to manage your own recruitment quickly and efficiently, XperiSoft’s CVMinder is the easiest Applicant Tracking System available. We have clients in Education, Social Care and Hospitality who all benefit from reduced recruitment costs and easy, compliant management of their entire recruitment process.

We can accommodate single user systems up to large enterprise, with affordable subscriptions for all. We offer free, no obligation trials for qualifying organisations and implementations is fast and painless.

CVMinder ATS

If you’re an HR leader of an internal recruiter, CVMinder ATS is made for you. It’s a versatile, low cost and comprehensive Applicant Tracking System that manages the whole recruitment process, from advertising to hiring. Used by Education, Care, and Hospitality organisations, you’ll find it low cost and very simple to use.

CVMinder HUB

If you’re in a College or Training Provider and you’re managing Apprenticeships, work placements or employability, CVMinder HUB is just for you. It’s a central recruitment solution that gives you shared control and management of advertising, candidate selection and presentation to employers. CVMinder HUB also helps you to support each student’s journey to work with some great employability support features.