Do any of your staff drive for work?

July 1, 2016

Do any of your staff drive for work?

Free Seminar

Tuesday 12th July 08:30 to 10:00

Driving at work is one of the most dangerous activities an employee undertakes, and employers are legally required to manage this risk effectively. Failure to do so could mean your business is putting its staff and other road users at risk and can expose your business and its senior managers to the threat of prosecution in the event of a serious incident.

However, what many businesses don’t realise is how the hidden costs of even small bumps and scrapes mount up – even for organisations that have never had a serious incident. Reducing avoidable collisions and damage to your fleet can therefore have a huge positive impact on your bottom line profits.

Driving for Work is a business outreach programme, consisting of free to attend events, seminars and conferences, created to help employers understand their legal obligations and to understand the business benefits of managing those obligations well.

This free seminar will share vital information on…

  • what your legal obligations are for managing your business drivers and vehicles,
  • how your business can save large amounts of money by managing them better,
  • as well as showing you what other businesses do, and the benefits they’ve seen.

Free driver training

  • Free resources and action plans to take away and implement
  • Free awareness training sessions for your business drivers*

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*Free Driver Awareness Workshops: Delegates will be able to enrol their drivers free of charge on to one of our classroom-based driver awareness workshops which will teach them about speed awareness, hazard perception, drugs and alcohol, driver fatigue and mobile phone distraction. These courses are free for organisations with up to 100 business drivers and will help cover your duty of care. On-road training sessions are NOT included in this offer.