Escape the Business Owners’ Trap

May 25, 2017

Escape the Business Owners’ Trap

At our previous event delegates said they wanted to hear more detail about how two of the drivers from the The Value Builder System™ can add value to a business, which could ultimately make you a wealthy owner. So, at this event we will discover how to avoid the “Switzerland Factor”, that is, not being dependent upon a few employees, clients or suppliers and “The Owners’ Trap”, where there is no business without the owner being present.

This event will address the issues in detail and take you through the steps required to create a valuable business, from which you can escape:

  • increasing staff numbers
  • formalising tasks into processes
  • funding mergers & acquisitions
  • obtaining grants
  • reducing the risks

There will be plenty of time to discuss the issues with other business owners and learn more about the options from our specialist partners. By the end of the event you should have discovered some practical steps to take away and implement in your own business.

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