GDPR – Is your business ready?

GDPR – Is your business ready?

  • Date: 24.05.2018
  • Start time: 08:30
  • End time: 09:10

Is your business ready?

Recent research shows that over 85% business are not going to be compliant by the 25th May. There has been a lot of noise about GDPR but very little practical advice for SME’s. Turrem Data Group will cut out the noise. Giving you practical help and solutions for you to become GDPR ready and then onto compliance.

The themes: –

What is it?

  • Is it going to affect my business?
  • I don’t hold personal data do I need to comply?
  • What do I have to do now to start this route to compliance?
  • How do I remain compliant?
  • How can this improve my business?
  • Q & A Session

Turrem Data would like to invite you to a breakfast seminar being held at the Innovation Centre Medway on the 24th May at 8.30. Coffee and Bacon Rolls will be available. The presentation lasts for 40 mins and then there is an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers or individually to Turrem Specialists.

For those businesses that register a place Turrem will offer a Free Breach Awareness Scan for your business.

You will be able to see what information about you is out in the deep dark web that is available to criminals for purchase. The Report will be available to you on the morning of the seminar.

We look forward in welcoming you to the seminar… don’t panic…

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