LoCASE June Update

June 15, 2018

LoCASE June Update

£10k LoCASE grants available to complement free electric vehicle event

In what will be a formal launch to an assembled ‘Low Emissions’ audience, the LoCASE team are partnering with Discovery Park on Wednesday 20th June to give wider exposure to the fact that we are now able to assist SMEs in the region with up to £10K grants funding towards Ultra Low Emission Vehicles.

The annual ‘Electric Vehicle Demonstration Day’ is set to be even more popular than in previous years given advances in technology, practicality, affordability and design of the widening range of models on the market.

Many of these will be available for show and test drives by local dealers along with charging point manufacturers on the day. This is of ever-increasing relevance to small businesses in the region as fuel prices and taxes continue to rise and air quality impacts are high on many agendas.

The parameters and criteria put in place broadly align with the Government Plug-In grant (which can be claimed on top of LoCASE funding!) for the range of ‘green’ vehicles and is set to offer a further incentive to move away from traditional diesel vehicles to cleaner and less-polluting models.

The time is right to challenge the way in which we conduct our business; if we can’t adapt or reduce the trips we must make then reducing the impacts related to our travel is key. Businesses can book through the EventBrite page.

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