Gaming Industry Business Leader to Head Medway Innovation Board

April 15, 2015

Gaming Industry Business Leader to Head Medway Innovation Board

A giant within the British video gaming industry is now heading up a new group set to develop businesses and create jobs in Medway.

Paul Jackson OBE, Chief Executive of Dovetail Games in Chatham and former Vice President of EA Games Northern Europe division, is now the chairman of the Medway Innovation Board.

He’s a leading local businessman having won the 2014 Medway Business Awards, and now he’ll be using his expertise to help grow businesses in the area.

He said: “I have lived in Medway all my life, and the opportunity to both grow my own business here, and support the development of other businesses in a collaborative drive with like minded people is one that I feel very proud to lead”.

The board is set to support the development of business innovation initiatives, grow high value skills and employment and boost the strength of the Medway economy.

It’s made up of leading Medway businesses including BAE Systems, Delphi, Amaro Group, Cura Energy and Fountain Workshop and Medway Universities and all were given an overview of Medway’s draft Innovation Strategy at the first meeting in March.

The strategy sets out a clear vision to build on the work already in progress at the Innovation Centre Medway, which was opened in 2009 and is now fully occupied.

Paul said: “We have already set out very clear objectives that all board members are keen to support: Support for innovation led funding bids, work to positively influence Government thinking, and acting as ambassadors for Medway’s business innovation agenda are at the forefront of our collective role and responsibility. We also need to work hard to simplify the business support landscape, notably the vast array of funding support that may be available for business innovation development”.

The first meeting was well attended by university academics and the involvement of higher education representatives allows businesses to connect with the research and development services at the universities which produce top level graduates.

Martin Davies, Director of Research & Enterprise at the University of Greenwich and Innovation Board member said: “We have formed a group of private, public and academic representatives that want to support a step change in innovation support in Medway. The Universities at Medway are key to do this and can help local businesses with growth, employment, funding and research. I’m delighted to be involved”.