Save the Date – Summer Internships Fair: A new and unique event from the University of Greenwich

January 18, 2016

Save the Date – Summer Internships Fair: A new and unique event from the University of Greenwich

Download and return the form to Sophie Mataba by Thursday 28th January 2016 to give the University of Greenwich the best chance of accommodating your business!

Do you have an internship opportunity (or opportunities) over the summer of 2016 for bright university students? Or do you have a short term project to be fulfilled over the course of 2-3 months?

The University of Greenwich is running a Summer Internship Fair on Wednesday 2nd March 2016. This is an excellent opportunity for you to raise your profile on campus and recruit potential students to your internship/short term project work opportunities.

Who is the event suitable for?

This event is open to all recruiters looking to take on students for paid internship opportunities/short term project work over the course of summer 2016. Small and medium sized employers are very welcome (Please see attached Employer Criteria form for more details).

What types of students will attend?

The event will be open to 1st and 2nd year students from Business, Computing, Humanities, Arts, Law, Construction and Mathematics programmes.

How does this event differ to other fairs?

This event has the following unique selling points:

  • Meet prepared, enthusiastic and skilled students from a wide range of business relevant disciplines.
  • Find the right candidates for your business via a unique short sifting process which is embedded within the fair.
  • Make use of your own private booth to conduct ‘sifting conversations’ with promising candidates on the day.
  • Save time on administration with post event support from University of Greenwich staff who will act as account managers to arrange interviews & assist you in acquiring the candidates you want.

How many internship/project opportunities can I advertise at the fair?

We strongly recommend that you aim to advertise/promote between 2-4 opportunities.

Is there a fee to pay?

No! This event is free to all recruiters who book to attend.

How do I book a space?

If you are interested in attending the Summer Internship Fair please click the button below, fill out the form and return it to Sophie Mataba.

Please complete the attached ‘Employer Form’ by Thursday 28th January 2016 to give us the best chance of accommodating your business.


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